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Wave Brush

This tool turns a specific area of the background picture into a wave. You can use it to animate objects (like clothes or hair waving in the wind) or water surfaces or to create abstract animations.

This example shows character animations made with this tool.

The following parameters are available.

Transverse wave - Parts of the image will move perpendicularly to the wave direction.
Longitudinal wave - Parts of the image will move in the wave direction.

These examples show the difference between these two types of animation.

Amplitude - controls the amount of maximum displacement

Speed - controls the speed of wave peak motion

Wave length - controls the distance between the two nearest wave peaks

Direction - sets the angle (in degrees) of the wave motion vector (Zero degrees sets the direction from the left to the right side of the scene.)

Apply animation to
background only - The effect mask covers all underlying animations.
whole scene - All underlying animations will be affected, making the effect fully transparent.