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Fire Brush

This brush allows you to draw realistic animated flames on any part of the scene.

The effect looks cool by itself, but you can achieve even better results using it in combination with the Blinking Light Brush.

Basic Fire Properties

The tab contains controls for the effect appearance and animation.

Flame Shape: - sets one of two variants of fire texture

Speed - sets the whole effect speed

Brightness - sets the brightness of the effect

Volume - sets the flame density and height

Stretch - stretches the fire texture in the horizontal direction

Color 1 - sets the bottom flame color

Color 2 - sets the top flame color

Fire Geometry

This tab gives you control over a bounding square of fire animation. By changing the position of the squares vertices, you can turn the fire direction or add a 3D look to the fire wall.
Here are some examples of using these controls:

Original geometry

3D look Turn