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Light Beams

The Light Beams object is point-based radial rays with a wide appearance and animation parameters.

Color and Shape

There are two tabs with controls that allow you to adjust a beam's appearance.

Shape Properties

Ray count - sets the number of rays in the object

Width - sets the maximum width of rays

Length - sets the maximum length of rays

Ray shape: - sets one of two variants of ray shape

Random - - toggles the random shape of the object. When this option is turned off, all rays have the same length and width.

Seed - allows you to choose different random shapes

Deviation -sets the maximum deviation of length, width, and position of each ray in random mode

Color Properties

Color - sets the color of the animation

Translucency - sets the maximum opacity of the object

Blending mode - sets the color blending algorithm


The object can have two animations: Rotation that you control through the Animation Properties dialog and pulsations that you control through the Timing options dialog.

Animation Properties

Rotation - sets the speed of the rotation of the animation

Direction - sets the direction of the rotation

Amplitude - sets the amplitude of the rotation, if the direction parameter is set to Swing

Pulsation - sets the amplitude of a pulsation animation.

Timing options dialog

Use the timing controls to adjust a pulsation animation.

Fade parameter - sets the pulsation type.

Intensity - size of the object will pulse
Translucency - opacity of the object will pulse
Speed - turns off the pulsation and sets timing options to control the speed of a rotation animation

Fade in/out - set the duration for growth/lessening phases of animation

Play/Pause - set pauses between growth/lessening phases of animation