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Stream Brush

This tool can be used for animation with almost any kind of streams: waterfalls, fountains, springs, smoke and even fire.

Here is an example of waterfall animation performed with this tool.

The tool implements two animation techniques: fluctuation simulating reflection in the running water and color waves simulating the motion of splashes.

The first control tab grants access to the basic properties and the controls of the first type of animation.

Direction - sets the flow directions

Speed - controls the effect speed

Amplitude - controls the fluctuation strength (maximal distortion of picture under effect). Setting the value to 0 turns off this technique.

Granularity - scales the fluctuations grains

The second tab controls the splashes simulation.

Waves order - sets the number of layers used for drawing splashes. Zero value turns off this technique.

Waves length - sets the maximal distance of the layers shift.

Base color - sets the splashes color. Only parts of the picture with similar colors will be shifted for splash simulation.

Translucency - sets the layer translucency.

Sensitivity - sets sensitivity of the color filter.

Here are more examples of scenes brought to the life with the stream animation.